Saturday, November 14, 2009

Modelur 0.2.1 is out!

We are working hard on 0.3.0 release, which will bring new funcionality to Modelur and make it even more flexible. In the meanwhile, we have prepared version 0.2.1, which fixes some bugs found in 0.2.0. Make sure you get the latest verstion from!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Modelur 0.2.0 released

The Modelur Team is glad to announce the release of an updated version of Modelur, the SketchUp tool for parametric urban design. Version 0.2.0 (Pre-beta 2) is available free of charge for both, Mac OS X and Windows, to anyone registered to Modelur Pre-beta Partner Program at

What's new?

The new version of Modelur brings several new features and enhancements. The most important improvements are:
  • Advanced manual editing of buildings.
  • Enhanced user interface.
  • Basic off-line mode.
  • Support for both metric and imperial units.
  • Export of urban control values to .csv file and saving of default parameters.
Thanks to Tomasz Gutowski we have also added the Polish translation.

To learn more about the new features, please visit Modelur YouTube channel. The videos describing the improvements will be published in the upcoming week.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Modelur 0.1.1 released

We have just released Modelur 0.1.1, which is now available for Mac OS X too! In addition to that, Modelur can now talk (Brazilian) Portuguese, German and French.

Thanks to Pilou, Burkhard and Edson from Sketchucation for providing us language translations!

Go get it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Modelur 0.1.0 (Pre-beta 1) released!

I am glad to announce that Modelur, a SketchUp tool for parametric urban design, is ready to be tested!

Modelur is available to all participants of Pre-beta partner program free of charge. The intention of our Pre-beta partner program is to adapt the application as much as possible to the wishes and needs of Modelur end-users. For this reason we are kindly asking you to spread the word about Modelur and invite your friends also...

You can view Modelur in action on our YouTube channel.

We invite you to join our Pre-beta Partner Program at our website, where you can register and download the application.

Kind regards,
Jernej Vidmar