Monday, May 31, 2010

Spanish translation

Just a few hours after 0.2.4 was released, we received a Spanish translation of Modelur user interface. We quickly updated installation packages and updated downloads on our website, so make sure to get them if you would like to use Modelur en espaƱol!

Thank you Diego Rodriguez!

Modelur update - version 0.2.4 released

Hi all,

we are proud to present you a new version of Modelur, which has just been released. V 0.2.4 brings some new features and user interface enhancements, together with some bugfixes, reported by our users. Modelur is not only more stable, but it now speaks Dutch, too.

To make long things short, here is a selection of three most important enhancements:

  • Optimizing Modelur buildings for Google Earth export.
  • Invisible UI scroller.
  • Automatic fixing of rotated floor plans when buildings are created.

More info on improvements can be found in readme.txt, attached to 0.2.4 installation package. To learn more about new functionality, please visit our YouTube channel.

We invite you to get a free copy of new version from our website!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Modelur makes it to SketchUp Plugins list

We are happy to inform you that Modelur has been listed on official Google SketchUp Plugins page.

Thank you Google SketchUp Team!