Friday, September 3, 2010

Modelur for SkecthUp 8

Hi guys,

we have just released Modelur 0.2.5, which works with SketchUp 8, too! Besides that, only small enhancments have been made as we are working mostly on upcomming v0.3.0.

The Modelur Team

P.S.: SketchUp 7 .skp models, created with previous versions of Modelur should work on SketchUp 8 too!


  1. On Mac OS X, when closing SketchUp 8 model with Modelur initialized, we got bugsplat. No such problem appeared when using it on SketchUp 7.

    Please let us know if you have similar problems with our plugin or any other when using SketchUp 8.

  2. For now, bugsplat window when exiting SketchUp 8 with Modelur model on Mac OS X can be avoided by saving the model to .skp file prior to exiting SketchUp.